5 ingredients you can add to your water to have a flat stomach

Purifying water isn’t only a passing fad. Some research has revealed that it helps your body get rid of toxins, shed fat, and have more energy. However, additionally, there are some powerful ingredients for creating a power drink, aside from lemon and ginger, which you may readily find in your cupboards.

At HiHi6 we would like you to try great recipes to enjoy the water that you drink daily.

  1. Water with non-iodized salt
    To deal with chronic constipation and to cleanse your colon, remedy with seawater is also recommended. It’s also crucial to know that we need salt but in decent amounts. Excluding it entirely from your diet isn’t the perfect solution. The sodium can help you operate the nerves, nerves, and also maintain a proper blood pressure once it is dissolved in the blood.

Try seawater therapy if you have chronic constipation or utilize the toilet irregularly.

Mix two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt along with four cups of hot to hot water.
If you want your water to flavor better, add lemon to it.
Drink the mix on an empty stomach as soon as possible.

  1. Water garlic
    Modern science affirms that consuming garlic has lots of health benefits. It may reduce blood pressure, combat ailments, improve your cholesterol levels, also detoxify the body of heavy metals. This occurs thanks to the sulfur that is released when garlic is sliced, crushed and then chewed.

However, you may enjoy all of these benefits without eating it and trying to consume it.


Require two teaspoon of garlic and then slice them.
Wait ten minutes then combine them with 500 ml of water.
Leave to soak for at least 2 hours.

  1. Water and cinnamon
    The apple and cinnamon can help you get rid of weight and boost your metabolism. Mix these ingredients and you will benefit from their antioxidants as well as their vitamins C and B.

Cinnamon has many benefits, including individuals to fight cholesterol and diabetes.

Recipe :

Slice two apples. Put them in a pitcher of water, and include 2 cinnamon sticks.
Set them in the fridge for one hour to allow the flavors infuse.
4. Water with black peppercorns
The black pepper is a superb ingredient if you want to cleanse your body and lose excess weight. Studies claim that it has antioxidant properties that help stop inflammation, premature aging, and cardiovascular issues. Additionally, it can enhance your metabolism, and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Gather these components: half a tablespoon of crushed black pepper, a tablespoon of grated ginger, a tablespoon of honey, then a lemon along with two glasses of water.
Mix the pepper along with the ginger, then pour in the honey and mix well.
Boil the water and then pour the mix into the glasses. Add a tablespoon of this mix to one of the glasses of water. Add the juice of half a lemon (if you want it). Do not wait until the mix has cooled. Drink while it is hot.

  1. Water with rosemary
    Even the possessions of rosemary are just unbelievable. Various studies have proven that it can assist digest to improve memory and improve the immune system. Researchers have also found that rosemary could be useful for your brain as it could protect neurons. Ingesting a rosemary-based drink in smallish quantities are sometimes a great habit to blend business with pleasure.

Require a sprig of rosemary.
Require a lemon, then peel its skin and slice it.
Place the lemon slices and rosemary in a 1-liter container.
Put the container in the refrigerator for at least two hours (or overnight).
To begin with, ask your physician if you’re able to use a specific ingredient.