Exploring the dark side of the K-pop industry😢

Idols who live under the gaze of millions of people often find themselves in unpleasant and even creepy situations. We’ve already told you about sasaeng fans and what they are capable of. However, in the world of K-pop, there are stories that are even more frightening. We will talk about them today.

5. JYJ’s Jaejoong collides with a sasaeng fan right in the sauna

Jaejoong has had many trials throughout his career. But one of those stories was really creepy. And she is connected, of course, with a sasaeng fan. On one occasion, Jaejoong decided to visit a public sauna after falling asleep there. And while the idol slept, an aggressive sasaeng fan came to the same sauna. She not only photographed and uploaded the sleeping singer, but also captioned this photo, as if she even managed to kiss Jaejoong.

Photo # 1 - 5 Creepiest Stories That Happened to Korean Idols

4. Failed kidnapping of all Kwon Nara

  • In one of those episodes of Happy Together, Nara told how a strange van began to approach her, while the woman stood in the road and waited for her dad, who was to pick up her in the car. A man jumped from the van, then grabbed her and hauled her back into his car. Providentially, the girl’s father came in time and managed to protect against this horrible circumstance.

3. BTS’s Jimin gets threatened all the time

  • It’s not clear why, however, Jimin has received constant death threats throughout his career together with BTS. At some point, the idol could no longer tolerate this situation, so he reached out into the haters straight back. And stated: “I had been amazed to find out about the new death threat. However, I am more concerned about the fans than about myself. So many folks are awaiting me. I really don’t think anyone needs to worry as my workers take very good care of me”

2. idol set was tortured

  • One afternoon on the Korean app Brave Reporters, there was a story about the story of a disbanded woman group that was abused by one of the manufacturers. Girlsband became popular very quickly after the introduction, because lovers knew due to the great thing about the members and their unprecedented high qualifications. And one day prior to the performance of the girl band, their CEO was for a surprise – his team disappeared with no hint right before the broadcast!

But a few days later, one of those members was able to reach the director. And her voice sounded like he had been on the verge of passing. She informed about the place where they had been retained. The manager met the girls and was amazed by their appearance – that the participants were exhausted, they smelled strange and they have been trembling with fear.

Members of this idol group revealed that before the broadcast, one of the producers encouraged them to his dwelling. When they came, got out of the car and turned round, they saw the same manufacturer holding a baseball bat at his hands. He then began to demand the women sign a contract with another company. Whenever the guy heard a refusal in his direction, he began to conquer the members, and then locked them in a room for several days. After such a shocking incident, the women declared their contract with the bureau and left the industry.

1. TVXQ’s Yunho nearly died at the hands of the anti-fan

  • Awful, immoral, and disgusting action! One of the idol’s haters concealed himself as a lover, kindly providing Yunho with orange juice with added superglue. After drinking the beverage, the singer has been sent into the hospital almost immediately.

Even though the incident did not hurt the idol considerably, he physically recovered by the glue in his own body fairly quickly. However, concerning mind and ethical rehabilitation, Yunho, as stated by the idol himself, took quite a long time to recuperate. The guy even had a phobia – it appeared to him any juice now has glue.

“However, when I opened up the can, my palms. I then thought to myself”If I don’t drink this today, I won’t ever be able to drink this juice again.”

Photo # 2 - 5 Creepiest Stories That Happened to Korean Idols
Photo # 3 - The 5 Creepiest Stories That Happened to Korean Idols