5 of the biggest misconceptions about yoga

Many people shy away from yoga because they believe that they will not be able to sit in the lotus position and stand on their heads.

In the modern world, people are divided into two camps. Those who love and have been practicing yoga for a long time and those who persistently continue to fear it, following the prevailing stereotypes.

Misconception # 1. Yoga is a sect. A sect is when people stop being adequate and devote themselves to one idea. Yoga, on the contrary, reveals a person’s potential and allows you to find yourself in life, cope with problems and direct energy in the right direction, and not waste on trifles. Ancient yoga practices may have resembled sectarian ones, but now yoga is about strong muscles, proper nutrition, healthy thoughts, and habits. If yoga and a sect, then only for those who understand how important it is to take care of your body and develop.

Misconception # 2. Yoga is difficult. Many people shy away from yoga because they believe that they will not be able to sit in the lotus position and stand on their heads. We can reassure you, you don’t have to do this. Difficult poses are created by those and for those who have advanced in practice to the level when performing simple exercises is not interesting, too simple, and ineffective. Yoga is a pleasure from practice, not an end result in the form of ashtavakrasana. Yoga classes usually give several variations of the same exercise for people of different skill levels.

Misconception # 3. Yoga is boring. Unlike playing sports, you will have to focus on yoga, but this does not mean that it will be boring, on the contrary, it is very interesting! Yoga is an opportunity to work not only with the body but also with the mind. Even if you started doing yoga to improve your physical fitness, you will soon notice changes in other areas of your life. Harmony and self-confidence will appear, new opportunities will open, your talents and abilities will open. And vice versa, those who have come “in search of truth” will begin to notice changes in the body, energy, and muscles will appear where they were not there before. It will definitely not be boring, all your thoughts will be taken by the implementation of new and interesting asanas that will set in motion all the muscles of the body.

Misconception # 4. Yoga is not effective. “You can’t pump up on yoga,” “You can’t lose weight on yoga,” and more. Yoga can solve even serious health problems. In yoga classes, the muscle corset is strengthened, which supports not only your bones but also internal organs. Yoga strengthens the muscles that are responsible for endurance and are more important for maintaining physical health. And if you combine yoga with proper nutrition, then this is beauty and health – two in one.

Misconception # 5. Yoga is meditation. In yoga, you do not need to chant mantras, sit in an uncomfortable position for hours and meditate. Yoga classes in this spirit are held in specialized classes and seminars. Modern yoga is the most effective exercise aimed at solving health problems and gaining good physical shape.