Let’s dream?

  1. Elsa and Anna are Rapunzel’s cousins
    It is hard to argue for this concept. First, everybody found Rapunzel and Eugene in Elsa’s coronation. And provided that they don’t live in Arendelle (after all, the movie”Rapunzel: Tangled” occurs in Germany), they have to have left it into the VIP guest list.

In addition, women have a few similarities. Rapunzel and Elsa are equally blonde and possess magic powers (glowing magical hair + palms that will do anything with ice). This would explain why the King was so concerned about Elsa’s skills – if his own niece was contested because of this, he’d hardly have desired anything for his daughter.

King and Queen of Arendelle died on how to Rapunzel’s wedding
Yes, yes, in the next part, they explained to people in which Anna and Elsa’s parents were moving, but here’s a problem: before the director of the cartoon, Jennifer Lee stated that they were drifting to someone’s wedding! Maybe this was the marriage of the niece Rapunzel and Eugene? Judging from the hairstyle with which she arrived at Elsa’s coronation, the timing periods just match.

  1. Ariel found the submerged boat of Anna and Elsa’s parents
    What’s between Norway (in which Frozen is set) and Germany (Rapunzel)? That is right, Denmark! It is from this state that the Little Mermaid comes in. And do you recall the abandoned boat she investigates at the start of the cartoon with her loyal friend Flounder? Given the geography, this could very well be the ship of the King and Queen of all Arendelle!
  1. Mama Ariel was murdered by Captain Hook
    By the way, as for Ariel’s parents, we’re extremely knowledgeable about her dad, but we’ve never seen my mother. True, in the second part we get some facts – it turns out that her name had been Atena, and she had been killed by pirates. In what other animations do mermaids intersect with pirates? Hmmm… Well, Naturally, at Peter Pan! Additionally, the mermaids and Captain Hook have an extremely tense relationship.

So perhaps Ariel’s mom was among the mermaids who endured at his hands?

  1. Bingo Bongo – from Monsters, Inc.
    At first, “Puzzle” might look like a pure comedy cartoon, but as the plot progresses, we all understand how many dramatic moments the founders have put into it. Among the poorest scenes is when Bingo-Bongo sacrifices himself in order for Joy to rescue Riley. But if you think this enthusiast concept, the scene won’t be quite as sad in any way. The creator of the concept asserts that Bingo-Bongo is actually a monster out of Monsters, Inc. which Riley used to see when she was a kid (just like Sally and Boo).

If that is accurate, then Bingo-Bongo is not dead – just Riley’s memory has vanished.

Boo is a witch from”Brave”
A little time traveling and madness within this collection. If you recall, the Brave Witch can evaporate when she walks through doorways. Monsters, Inc.’s personalities could do exactly the same! Perhaps Boo learned a few hints from her very best friend Sally?

Needless to say, Brave happens many years before Monsters, Inc., but what if Boo can proceed not just between doorways, but between different time periods? Before you begin shaking your thoughts, have a good look at this film – this really is really a witch’s marathon, and there… an image of Sally! Coincidence?

Belle’s story is just another Disney cartoon
At the very beginning, Belle describes the content of his favorite book: “about remote lands, about sharp swords, magic spells and gentle speeches” For many fans it appears like”Aladdin”, but here is just one in concept approves that we’re speaking about”Sleeping Beauty”.

In the original song, instead of the phrase”tender addresses”, the combination”a priest in disguise” seems – literally”the wayward prince”.

Aladdin has concealed prince that it, as in reality he wasn’t of royal blood. However, Philip from The Sleeping Beauty matches the description – if he and Aurora meet, she has no idea that he is a prince. Plus, the cartoon indicates a page with a narrative that Belle is studying, and the image here clearly looks more like Sleeping Beauty than Aladdin.

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