Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, red telephone booths, and double-decker buses – this city is incredibly photogenic and has a special charm!

If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit London, start your acquaintance with the British capital by watching films from our selection. The first excursion for you will be led by a funny bear cub Paddington: You only need to turn on the Disney Channel on August 28 and 29 at 9:30 pm. Welcome to the capital of Great Britain!

Photo # 1 - 8 films that will make you fall in love with London

“The Adventures of Paddington” and “The Adventures of Paddington 2”

The first film will introduce you to a kind bear cub who comes to England to learn good manners and become a true gentleman. Everything is beautiful in this story: the charming protagonist, whose name is consonant with the railway station of the same name, London as from a postcard, and, of course, the incomparable Nicole Kidman.

In the second part, the events are only gaining momentum and even take on the shade of a thriller. If you find yourself in London and want to visit Paddington, then you won’t be able to find Windsor Gardens, 32 in Notting Hill, because this place doesn’t really exist. The writer Michael Bond, based on whose books the films were made, came up with it, “mixing” the address of his parents Winser Drive and his own – Arundel Gardens.

Photo # 2 - 8 films that will make you fall in love with London

“007: Coordinates of Skyfall”

Aristocratic London, powerful special effects, and charismatic men – it’s hard not to fall in love here! Daniel Craig as James Bond captivated the audience so much that after the release of the film he even appeared on the screens together with Queen Elizabeth II at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. They were shown walking towards the helicopter, which then flew along the Thames River to the stadium, where stuntmen and Bond jumped down from the helicopter to the soundtrack from the film. It is noteworthy that this video was the first acting experience for the Queen.

Photo # 3 - 8 films that will make you fall in love with London

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Among the cozy London streets, the love story of an unmarried 32-year-old Bridget was born, who once decided to pull herself together, quit bad habits and start a relationship with a standing man. Candidates for the lead role included British movie stars such as Kate Winslet and Helena Bonham Carter, but American actress Renee Zellweger ended up playing the role of Bridget. To become like an Englishwoman, she had to work hard on her accent and even get a job for a month in a British publishing company.

Photo # 4 - 8 films that will make you fall in love with London

“Real love”

All you need is love! In this motion picture, London appears before the audience as a city of love, and where everyone is subject to it – from children to the Prime Minister. The romantic atmosphere created by director Richard Curtis, and the incredible cast (you will see Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, and other talented Britons) make your heart beat faster and love not only the film itself, but also the city, on the background of which his events develop.

Photo # 5 - 8 films that will make you fall in love with London

“Notting Hill”

And again on the screen Hugh Grant, but this time paired with the beautiful Julia Roberts. He’s a humble bookstore owner, she’s a popular movie star. They will meet in one of the most beautiful areas of London, where their love story will begin. The house that Hugh Grant’s character lives in was once owned by the film’s screenwriter Richard Curtis. And the park bench, which was used in the filming of the film, left London and now “lives” in the beautiful garden of Queens Gardens in the city of Perth – just like the main characters of the film dreamed. The most difficult task for the filmmakers was obtaining permits for filming in various locations of Notting Hill, but they coped with it elegantly in English: each local was promised that, at their choice, the studio would transfer funds to charity.

Photo # 6 - 8 films that will make you fall in love with London

“Match Point”

The first Woody Allen film, shot from start to finish in Britain, will tell about the way of life of wealthy Londoners, surrounded by luxury homes, country estates, and high-end restaurants. In their free time, they play tennis, visit exhibitions and … seduce beautiful women. The main character, Chris Nolan, will have to choose between a career and love, money and feelings, morality, and pleasure. Bonus to the captivating plot – stunning views of London and its suburbs, and the beautiful Jonathan Reese Myers and Scarlett Johansson in the lead roles.

Photo # 7 - 8 films that will make you fall in love with London


If you ever find yourself in London, do not forget to visit Postman Park, the one near St. Peter’s Cathedral, the panoramic restaurant Portrait, and the Whiteleys shopping center, because it was in these places that Mike Nichols filmed this melodrama. In the impeccably atmospheric footage of Proximity, you will find a story about people who just can’t figure out their feelings. You can endlessly watch the love quadrangle of characters played by Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen, and even in London scenery!