9 Exercises to Get Rid of Back Fat

Of course, you won’t be able to say goodbye to excess weight only on your back if you work only with this muscle group. But you can strengthen and tone your upper muscles. And by combining back slimming exercises with proper nutrition and other types of training, you can make your figure slim and beautiful. Let’s figure out how to remove folds on the back. These exercises are suitable for training women and men.

If you focus on your back workout, your posture will improve, you will look slimmer, and most importantly, you will be able to remove fat from your back and make your waist thinner.

1. Pull-ups

Posture improvement exercise # 1 – pull-ups. Many girls experience a fit of fear at this word. Since it is extremely difficult. Don’t worry! There are countless pull-up movements.

Plus, you can still do some elementary movements both at home and in the gym, which will only increase the received load, which means that the result will come twice as fast.

Pull-ups: The back is made up of a huge variety of muscles. The pull-up is a unique exercise that makes all muscles work as a unit. Of course, this is difficult and some people give up this activity at the initial stage. You shouldn’t be equal to them.

The perfect grip for a great pull-up is to grip the bar with palms facing out. The option with a grip with the palms inward is easier, but here the main load goes to the biceps.

Here are some options for diversifying the classic pull-up:

  • Negative Pull-Up – Stand on a stand so that your body is at the level of the completed snatch. Lower your body very slowly in a controlled motion.
  • Assistance from mechanisms – there are assisting units in every gym. But they are usually empty as they look big and scary. They are wonderful assistants and will help you master the snatch if you can’t do it yourself. Watch a video of working with them. And then find your coach and make him show the mechanisms of these specific machines live.
  • Ropes (TRX) are another great upper back exercise between the shoulder blades and the back delta, the largest muscles in the body. All you need is TRX, the rope found in most gyms.

2. Training with dumbbells

Dumbbell Exercise: Place one knee on a bench, stand, or table. Take a light dumbbell weighing 1 – 2 kilograms in the hand opposite to the knee. Bend back slightly. Bend your elbow up. You should feel the tension in your upper back. Do the exercise twelve times and then change your hand.

3. Renegade cravings

Exercise: Get into a push-up position. Place your right leg slightly to the side. With one hand, rest on a medium-weight dumbbell – up to three kg, with the other hand take the same shell. Lift the dumbbell up. The elbow should be at the highest possible level. With this exercise, you develop the upper back and deltoid muscle.

4. Exercise boat

Lie on the floor on your stomach. Alternatively, you can balance on a sports ball. Take 1 pound dumbbell in each hand. Strain your back and lift your chest a little. Move your hands up, forming a kind of letter “T”, and then “Y”, then “I” – the limbs touch the head.

A good exercise for the posterior delta muscle, which plays an important role in building posture. For most people, it is fairly weak. Therefore, just starting to perform this exercise, use light, and very lightweight to create a load.

5. Push-ups

Push-ups: This basic exercise serves to strengthen the chest exclusively. But this is not entirely true – if done correctly, the back muscles also receive their energy impulse. Get into a pivot position. Hands-on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder-width. Leaning towards the surface, you feel your back tighten. Descend slowly and focus on the moment of descent. Stand in the bottom position for three seconds and come back up, straining your chest.

6. Jump rope

Jump rope: At a cursory glance, it seems that in this type of exercise only the shoulders work. This is far from the case because the back also strains! Plus, it’s a great cardio exercise that’s great for burning excess weight. The main thing is to take this type of load seriously. 

7. Exercise machine for the upper back

Bicycle upper back trainer. Did you know that this equipment is empty in the gym almost all the time? This rarely used unit will help you quickly tidy up your triceps and back. Beginners cannot stay on it for more than five minutes. By “riding” the machine, you will feel why it is the best friend of a strong back.

8. Row of the block to the stomach

Traction Machine: This is the reason why this device is so popular – fastback strengthening is guaranteed. It is based on a simple but very effective exercise in which your back just cannot help but be strengthened. Be sure to find this machine in the gym and try to work on it under the guidance of a trainer. With the right approach to execution, you should like it.

9. Plyometrics and Cardio  

To enhance the effectiveness of your workout, it is recommended to do plyometric movements after each exercise. Your upper back should work as efficiently as your lower back. The goal is to use the same muscles, but more dynamically. The same cardio, but for the back.

After any of the above exercises, do a thirty-second discharge:

Raise a 5kg gymnastic ball over your head. The back muscles should be tense. And then throw your best projectile onto the floor. In this case, the strength of the back muscles is used. Be careful – your heart rate may increase. But at the same time, it is an incredibly effective exercise for burning fat.

Do all back fat exercises in three sets two to three times a week at home or in the gym. Or pick a couple of your favorites and focus on them. And after a while you will not only see the result, you will feel it – a sexy, inflated back, excellent posture. You will stand out favorably from the crowd. And friends will even notice that you have become a couple of centimeters taller.