Discover 17 myths about healthy eating that we absolutely must stop believing

The myths about healthful eating are more varied than those of early Greece… We are advised all day long advice as to consume only diet sodas and fruit juices, to eat celery because of it. Taste and forget about sausages and processed products indefinitely. However, what is actually harmful and what is valuable for our body?

HiHi6 has discovered some of the myths concerning eating that are best to market once and for all to be able to genuinely enjoy and take care of our bodies.

Myth 1: Sweeteners don’t make you obese

Sweeteners, by themselves, may not include calories, but our mind perceives them as a thing sweet, or so the hunger is triggered by their consumption. As a result, a benign soda may lead you to devour three additional sandwiches.

Myth 2: “Liquid” diets help reduce stomach size

The stomach stretches when we consume and then shrinks again. Reducing it may only be achieved through surgery, and diets only help you get accustomed to eating more meals.

Myth 3: Carbohydrates inevitably affect the figure

To the joy of food fans, this is fortunately not correct. Recent study shows that the amount is principally influenced by the amount of food consumed and also its caloric value a great deal greater than by fat. Therefore, carbohydrate-based diets, with little fat and adequate calorie content, can be extremely effective.

Myth 4: if you drink a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, then you may Get Rid of weight

This concept does not have any scientific proof, but common sense tells us that if your supper is merely a glass of water, with or with ginger, then your weight will obviously drop, right? In addition, a few tablespoons of vinegar each day can also cause another very different magical effect: making any gastrointestinal disorder worse.

Myth 5: Grapefruit, celery, and pineapple burn

There are no products that could burn fat, that is a myth. It’s true that pineapple comprises an enzyme called bromelain, which destroys fats. Thus, pineapples help “soften” the meat and speed up its digestion.

Myth 6: Olive oil is good for the body

Olive oil remains oil, so it contains fat. It goes to the group of high-calorie products: more than 800 kcal per 100 grams. So always consume it with common sense and moderation.

Myth7: You will find negative caloric products that require more calories to digest than they contain

Celery, radish, and other vegetables are eaten uncooked are a genuine find to add in any diet as they’re safe for the figure. But, their calorie content just proceeds to zero. But attempting to”neutralize” half a pie eaten with the help of a couple of celery is futile; the caloric content of the cake will not be changed at all.

Myth 8: Green tea helps with fat loss

If you operate on a farm to accumulate tea leaves, then yes you may get rid of weight. In fact, any tea will help suppress hunger for some time, and green tea, exactly like red wine, also contains polyphenols that neutralize cholesterol and help our blood vessels stay healthy for a long time. But not to lose weight.

Myth 9: Fish is a dietary product, it contains less fat than any meat

Yes and no. Everything depends on the type of fish you decide to put on your plate. The fatty varieties, like salmon or trout, include more fat than veal. But fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for your whole nervous system and lower the probability of heart disease.

Myth 10: Yoghurt is good for you

This statement is usually true, but it just worries”reside” yogurts, maybe not pasteurized ones: people that haven’t undergone heat therapy. All these yogurts are stored for over a week, therefore it’s well worth analyzing the packaging and labels carefully.

Myth 11: Butter should be excluded in your diet

In addition to cholesterol, butter comprises a high amount of vitamin A, so it can’t be said to be bad.

Myth 12: Salad is the secret to a slim figure

Yes, if it is just salad leaves. The caloric content of a salad as a main route depends on the caloric content of its own ingredients and, most importantly, its own seasoning. As an instance, the popular”Mille-Iles” sauce contains 370 mph 100 g, traditional mayonnaise around 680 and the favorite French Dressing, French vinaigrette, comprises 470. However, if your salad contains fresh vegetables, experienced with juice or balsamic vinegar, then your waistline will benefit, yes, that’s ideal.

Myth 13: Saturated fats from meat and meat products are terrible for the wellbeing

Small quantities of saturated fat are beneficial for your health. They engage in the production of hormones, by way of example, estrogen, and are necessary for the normal performance of the human body. If you do not consume over 20-30 grams each day, that is okay.

Myth 14: Fruit Cannot Be eaten after main classes, as It induces swelling and discomfort: “Fruit for dessert, stomach upside-down”

Unpleasant sensations can be caused by excessive consumption of fructose intolerance. The very best time to consume fruit would be in the early hours, such as the second breakfast, rather than on an empty tummy.

Myth 15: Wholemeal bread is good for weight loss

Wholemeal bread might have a high glycemic index and also a smaller gap in calories out of white bread, so it can’t be referred to as a diet item. But this bread often contains more fiber, making it more healthy for the digestive tract.

Myth 16: An apple or an orange helps moderate feelings of hunger

In fact, fruits have great quantity fructose that, based on studies by specialists from California, whet the appetite more than the sugar in conventional sugar. To suppress the urge to eat something during the nighttime, a cup of tea or a bowl of yogurt can help you even better.

Myth 17: Once eating: chewing gum!

Dentists are still debating without reaching a consensus on the topic. In terms of oral health, flossing is considerably more beneficial and helps to better clean the mouth cavity. The typical chewing gum can just loosen the breath, but because of your teeth, it is like eating candy.