Find out if you’re in good physical health in just 30 seconds

Doctors say the threat of getting sick increases dramatically as we age and our immune systems weaken. It’s therefore suggested to undergo a full physical examination every two decades. Meanwhile, here are some quick exercises you can do in your home to see if you’re healthy. Do you have 30 minutes to train?

HiHi6 offers you 5 exercises that will let you know if you’re doing well or if you want to go see your doctor!

  1. Apply pressure to your fingernails
    With the help of your thumb and index finger, apply pressure to the fingernails of your own left hand. Begin with your thumb and press for 3 to 5 seconds. Do exactly the same with the remaining fingers. When you are done, change hands.

As soon as you give up pressingon, the blood must return quickly within 2 seconds. If that’s the case, it usually means your body gets sufficient blood flow. Be aware your palms are connected to your internal organs, so if you have felt pain, then there might be an issue . Here is what experts say about the pain felt at the various fingers of the hand:

Thumb: If squeezing your habit hurt, it may be a sign of a lung issue.

The index finger: Closely associated with your large intestine, in case you have had pain, then you might have colon issues and constipation.

Middle finger: This really is a indication of heart issues.

Ring finger: Deeply linked to the heart, if squeezing the surface of your finger causes it may also be a sign of heart issues.

Little finger: Pain in this finger indicates problems with the small intestine.

Create a fist
Clench your fist for 30 minutes, start it and you’ll realize your hand is becoming all white. When your hands close, your blood vessels compress, which limits blood flow to that area of ​​the body.

If you’re healthy, your blood vessels should come up to a hand and it should go back to its colour within minutes. On the other hand, in case it takes time, it may be a indication of arteriosclerosis.

Stretch the back muscles
Lie down facing the ground.

The arms across the body.

Keep your right leg straight on the ground, as you lift your left leg.

Bend your left leg and stay in this position.

If you’re able to perform this exercise with no issue, you are in good health. If you are feeling pain, then so you have issues with your buttocks. This area is your strongest in your entire body.

  1. Raise your legs for 30 minutes
    Lie down facing the ground.

The arms across the body.

Lift your legs back.

Stay in this position for 30 to 35 seconds.

If you managed to do so without shaking, twitching, or moving your legs, then it means your system is healthy. On the flip side, if you’ve found this exercise to be somewhat hard, there may be something incorrect with your stomach or lower spine.

Boost your upper body and also don’t proceed
Lie down facing the ground.

Slightly lift your upper body (your palms too).

Stay in this position for 30 to 35 minutes.

If you’re able to get this done, then what is fine. Otherwise, you probably have a issue with your spine.

It should be remembered that these exercises are not a substitute for those that can be done by a professional. It is possible to do them at home and determine if everything is well. If uncertain, consult with a physician!