Simple morning yoga exercise for wellness

The problem of waking up in the morning can be easily solved with exercise. Morning yoga, consisting of a set of simple asanas, will give you a boost of vivacity and charge you with a good mood for the whole day.

By repeating them every day, after a while, you will notice an improvement in flexibility, alignment of posture, and overall health of the body.

Important: the morning hours are the most optimal time for yoga. It is recommended to practice before breakfast.

Do the following exercises alternately:

Breathing warm-up

Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Taking a deep breath, raise your arms up with your palms facing up.

Then, as you exhale, slowly lower your arms down, palms facing down. Repeat 10 times. The exercise can be done with your eyes closed.

Torso crunches

Sit on the floor, pull your legs to the pelvis. Having twisted the body, place your right hand on your left knee, and straighten the other and place it behind your back.

Turn your head slightly to the left and straighten your back as you inhale. Return to the starting position at the exit. Then do the exercise on the other side. Do 5 repetitions.

Pose of the cat or “Marjariasana”

This simple asana stretches the spine and strengthens the muscular frame of the back.

Get down on all fours, feet hip-width apart, put your straight arms on the floor with your palms. Inhaling, lower your head down, at the same time around your back, arching it as much as possible. At the exit, pull in your stomach, tighten your abs.

Then return to the original position. Next, lift your head up and bend in the back. Return to starting position again. Do 4 repetitions of the asana.

Important: in this asana, watch the position of the neck, it should not be tense.

Plank or “Kumbhakasana”

To improve your endurance, we recommend doing the plank exercise every day.

Get on all fours. Then, alternately put your legs back so that the body and legs form one straight line. Keep your eyes on the floor. Stay energized for 30 seconds. To finish the exercise, lower your knees to the floor and relax. As you do the plank daily, increase your exercise time by 5 seconds each day.

Important: during exercise, you should not feel painful sensations. If they do appear, finish the exercise smoothly and take a break.

Downward Dog Pose

We continue to be on all fours. Straightening your knees, stretch your pelvis up, and straighten your arms. Hold in this position, take several deep breaths and exhalations.

Upward Dog Pose

From the position “dog face down” we will make the transition to the next asana. Slowly lower your pelvis almost to the floor, make a bend in the shoulder blades, look straight ahead.

Straighten your arms as much as possible and hold for a few seconds. Then bend your arms and lie on the floor.

Pose “Shavasana”

Finish your warm up with a relaxing exercise that everyone loves to do.

Lie on the floor on your back, arms along the body, toes looking in different directions. Close your eyes, relax all the muscles in your body. Breathe deeply and try to free your head from thoughts. Stay in this position for a few minutes for complete relaxation.

Morning yoga will help you find harmony with your body, relieve stress, and make your body slimmer and fit.