The Best Exercises To Do At Home For Women

Through trial and error, the best exercises for girls at home were selected. Now you have a set of great exercises that will help you keep fit. You will feel confident in any outfit – from a revealing bikini to skinny jeans or an extravagant dress.

I present to your attention 10 of the best exercises for women that can be easily done at home and they just work wonders! Add them to your workouts and your disadvantages turn into strengths!

Deadlift on one leg

I love this exercise because it gives volume to the buttocks, keeps the muscles in good shape and works out the back perfectly (this is how I got rid of constant pain in the spine).


  • pick up two dumbbells, stand on your left leg, lift your right leg.
  • Bring your right leg back and bend your knee so that your lower leg is parallel to the floor.

Lean forward slowly, keeping your back straight. Hold, then return to the starting position.

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