Today is an international holiday – video game day!

Not always, but quite frequently, gamers watch anime, and anime individuals aren’t averse to spoofing. We believed that because now is this a fantastic holiday, then both of these wonderful themes can be united. Therefore, we have prepared for one of the very best anime about players.

No Game No Life
The narrative will tell you about Sora and Shiro, sister and brother, who danced into an invincible gamer duo. About these two legends appeared on the Internet. Children were so”sucked” to the virtual world they began to perceive real life as another”suck match”. But what couldn’t go on forever without problems? One day a guy called”God” summoned them to another world. And it seems that today Sora and Shiro will have to save humankind…

Sword Art Online
An anime comprising the dream of RPG and fantasy lovers. In the relatively near future, people have produced brand new game technology which allows you to mentally transfer to a favorite sport. Authentic, with just 1 drawback – you can’t get out of this of your own free will, but you can really die. Will the principal characters find away from fact or can they exist at the match for the rest of their lives?

Everyone has a hard moment. So the major character – Ryota Sakamoto – has not yet decided on his additional real life. In which he has no job, no friends, no girlfriend. Ryota, on the other hand, is one of the greatest players in Japan from the internet game Bloom! Oh, how the man sometimes wanted to disappear from reality and be around the opposite side of the monitor. Be scared of your desires, as they say, because one morning that the main character wakes up on a tropical island with all the understanding that he somehow managed to enter the match. And now what to do ?

Another name that informs about the not too distant future, where the sports business is growing very rapidly. Again, the anime will discuss the technology which lets you transfer to the match. And this time everyone will have the ability to get out of it at will, and also the death of this character is only going to lead to a feeling of the degree. Nearly. Everything works well for everybody, except for one player who cannot leave the playing area. How will this affect the gaming system and also can the bad guy still find an alternative?

Summer Coffee
There are two worlds: real and virtual. In the main character manages to live harmoniously and also make some friends. But when it has bored Kenji Koiso, obviously, instantly rushes into a game in which you’ll be able to communicate, commerce, travel, and love. But unexpectedly the Love Machine virus starts to rage from the virtual world, along with also the 17-year-old genius of math must resolve something with it, simultaneously saving reality also.