In honor of Lily’s birthday, we collected her best works for you 🎬

Chemical hearts
Chemical Hearts came out just a couple of months ago. This is a film adaptation of this novel of the exact same name by Crystal Sutherland about two teenagers who meet in high school. Lily played the most important role – a mysterious woman called Grace Town, who’s trying to deal with a critical reduction and hides a lot of secrets from her new acquaintance. The movie is quite unhurried, melancholic, however in exactly the identical time somehow surprisingly kind and romantic, therefore we definitely recommend watching it.

Charlie’s Angels
Charlie’s Angels 2019 is a picture of this classic movie of the identical name. Just here starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. A good action-adventure that will surely impress not just the fans of the franchise, but also the spectators who inadvertently looked into the light.

Lily, unfortunately, there is very little here – she got the role of a recruit – but looking at her at this unusual manner is still very intriguing.

Miss Stevens
Miss Stevens is another school drama. What’s great here is the caste. In addition to the birthday girl, Timothy Chalamet and Lily Rabe played in the film. And at the center of the narrative is really a young English instructor (Lily Rabe), that goes to a theater festival with her talented students.

The film can hardly boast of unexpected raft-twists, but also the acting here is really on a degree, and in general everything looks really compatible.

Where’s without”Riverdale” – the series thanks to what we learned about Lily? The principal characters are taken out of your Archie comic book series, but the storyline is a lot more twisted. In a small American town, a teen vanishes, and a few days after the police discover his body in the lake. But this is just the beginning, and the story will take a completely unexpected twist.

Lily got one of the principal roles – an exemplary student Betty Cooper, who later reveals herself in a fresh way and reveals the audience her dark sides.

If you want to relax a little, then here is a comedy-drama with Lily. And also the beautiful Jennifer Lopez is still here, so we urge watching:-RRB- Fan reality: that the movie is based on Jessica Presler’s post”Stripper Revenge”, which was published in the”New York Magazine”.

The movie tells about the dangerous and strange scheme of making money for a bunch of strippers, and also among them had been played by Lily.

Summer Kings
The film is 2013, therefore Lily is still very young here. Since the cinema is independent, it didn’t acquire a whole lot of fans at once, although generally, it’s a great picture. It’s about teenagers that are tired of town and the burden of obligation, so that they run into the woods, build a house there and attempt to live with no worries, but everything isn’t quite as straightforward as it appeared to them in a first glance.

Lily has a small role, but if you’re curious to find out what she was like in 16 (only the age of Betty Cooper:-RRB-, then definitely worth checking out.

Well, we’ll finalize everything with a stunning thriller, in which the equally beautiful Elle Fanning played together with Lily. If you love football, chases, and dim experiences, then you are definitely here. If you are more to rom-coms and feel fantastic stories, then it’s much better to bypass Galveston, because it is rather heavy.

Lily played here the girl of the chief character – a hired killer who learns about his terrible diagnosis and attempts to go back to his hometown.